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Actuators and Controls

At BEL Valves we understand that deciding how to operate a valve can be as critical to the application as the choice of valve itself. Available as a package with our valves, we design, manufacture and source a range of hydraulic, electric and pneumatic actuators and controls. We also develop actuator solutions for speciality situations including High Integrity Pipelines Protection Systems (HIPPS) and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) valves.

The in-house design team at BEL Valves takes into account the size limitation, weight restriction, pressure and torque or thrust requirements of every application so that the best and most efficient solution can be delivered. As part of our single source supply ability, we also work closely with all the recognised leading actuator suppliers to ensure the customer gets what they want every time.

General enquiries


We can provide standard and bespoke pneumatic actuators through our in-house design team or our third party suppliers.

What is a pneumatic actuator?

A pneumatic actuator uses air pressure to create motion, which can be used to… (read more)


We have designed, developed and qualified our Subsea Electric Actuator (SEA ™) range as a solution to working with hydrocarbons in challenging environments. Our SEA ™ technology draws on 25 years of actuator experience to safely power linear, quarter turn and stepping applications whilst reducing risk of pollution and cost. We also source ‘dry’ electric actuation systems suited for surface applications through our trusted actuator suppliers.

What is an electric actuator?

An electric actuator converts electrical energy into torque and normally… (read more)


We provide hydraulic actuation solutions, for our linear or rotary operated valves through our in-house design team or our trusted actuator suppliers. Depending on service requirements, our hydraulic actuators can be supplied as either single or double acting spring return and/or specified for on/off or failsafe functions,. A range of additional accessories can be fitted that allow remote valve monitoring, such as limit switches and position transmitters. Our subsea actuators can also be fitted with a mechanical remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) override to allow mechanical valve operation.

What is a hydraulic actuator?

A hydraulic actuator operates in a similar method to pneumatic actuation, using a… (read more)

Control panels

Utilising our extensive experience in valve and actuator technology, we also deliver hydraulic and pneumatic control systems for the operation of our linear or rotary operated valves. Our control systems are typically sold as a package with our valves and are specifically designed around the valve specification; conforming to international and industry recognised standards.

What is a control panel?

A control panel sends signals to the actuators to change the position of a valve… (read more)

Accumulator skids

Our accumulator skids are available in a variety of options, dependent on the required volume of stored hydraulic fluid. The most common solution being the stand-alone rack, which comprises of accumulators and nitrogen backup bottles built into a frame. The accumulation volume is sized to store enough hydraulic volume to operate the valve as many times as would be required.

What is an accumulator skid?

An accumulator skid provides an emergency power supply to operate actuated valves… (read more)