Surface Valves

Surface Butterfly Valve

Our high performance range of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are available from ANSI Class 150 – 600 pressure class in sizes from 2” to 36” diameter.

Surface Check Valves

Our surface Check Valve range is available in small bore and large bore configurations and offers a flexible approach to solutions where protection against backflow is required.

Surface Globe Valve

At BEL Valves, our expertise allows us to deliver accurate and reliable Globe Valve solutions for specialist petrochemical applications for use in critical corrosive and hazardous applications including urea and ammonia production.

Surface Ball Valves

Available in a bore size range from 1½” to 56” and pressure ratings from ANSI Class 150 to API 15,000psi, our surface Ball Valves deliver an optimised solution in line with industry standards API 6D and 6A whilst ensuring that both client and governing requirements are always met.

Surface Gate Valves

BEL Valves’ surface Gate Valves are available in bore sizes from ½” to 56” and pressure ratings ranging from ANSI Class 150 to 15,000 psi.