Actuators and Controls
Determining how to operate a valve is as critical as the choice of valve design itself. We design and manufacture a range of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators as a package with our valves; by designing the valve and actuator collectively we can ensure that the full specification is upheld. Designs take into account size limitations, weight restrictions, pressures, closing times and torque or thrust requirements. Because we have our own in house design department we have been able to develop actuator solutions for speciality situations including High Integrity Pipelines Protection Systems (HIPPS) and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) applications, along with standard flow control applications..
Actuators and Controls

We understand that sometimes end users will specify a preferred supplier of actuators. That’s why we work closely with all the recognised leading actuator suppliers, to ensure we provide the right actuator, for the right situation that will deliver the best and most efficient solution to our customers.

‘Actuation’ choice includes:

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Electric
  • Manual hand wheel
  • Gearbox
  • ROV
  • Bare stem supply


Drawing upon our extensive experience in valve and actuator technology we also deliver hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, for the operation of linear or rotary operated valves in hazardous environments. Sold as a package with valves, our control systems are specifically designed around the valve specification; conforming to international and industry recognised standards.


Subsea Valves

surface valves

Surface Valves