Research and Development

BEL Valves’ has a reputation across the industry for delivering innovation in valve engineering, supporting a number of pioneer projects across the world. This is thanks, in part, to committed spend in research, development and iterative analysis.

fea analysis

Known globally for our depth of knowledge in oil and gas; we began life as a valve solutions provider for the petrochemical industry. One of the first to enter into the subsea world in the 1980s, then offering subsea ball valves in the early 2000s; we have never shied away from exploring new avenues. This has been evident with the delivery of design firsts such as the eccentric ball valve, subsea HIPPS solutions, high pressure/high temperature and deepwater critical valve solutions.


However, for us innovation isn’t only about developing the latest technology to go even deeper or to venture into the Arctic, but also about reviewing standard industry practices to make designs more efficient. Valve design for oil and gas projects demand efficient practices and procedures to ensure project viability. This is about developing long term strategies for development whilst being flexible enough to move with customer requirements to provide solutions that are both efficient and fit for purpose; creating the most value for our customers. We continue to invest in technology, structuring our business to ensure qualification and development activities are at the heart of the business. By doing so we’ve made some of the world’s pioneering projects viable; delivering standardised deepwater small bore valves, through to rapid shutdown HIPPS solutions for high pressures.