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Managing Your Projects

For many projects valves represent a relatively small but nevertheless important piece of equipment. By enlisting the support of valve experts with a dedicated project management team you can be assured that your requirements are being achieved throughout the process.


Project Management Service

Your dedicated project team will act as your point of contact throughout valve design, manufacturing and testing, taking full ownership of your project. Making the process as seamless as is possible, each project is given a diligent project manager who is in charge of a number of design and quality engineers who will follow your project throughout and ensure that it stays on schedule and to specification.

Your project team will always be on hand to respond to any queries. They will act as your problem solving team to ensure that even if the project evolves, all your key requirements are being met. With our project teams being placed ‘close to the action’ with our manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities; they can provide you with ongoing progress reports. This means you will always have a live view of what is happening, and allows for an extra stage of quality control, with your project manager overseeing all activities.

This process is all part of being open, transparent and honest with our customers, making sure that all parties understand the process and have an accurate status of how it is progressing.



We know for many companies problems with documentation can have far reaching consequences and delay the project at many stages. In what is now a more globalised world, we understand the need to have access to documents in short notice. Our new documentation system has helped to transform our documentation process by ensuring accurate revision control, document archiving, lessons learned, and sign off of documents. This means all documents are traceable way beyond valve manufacture, testing and installation.


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