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Rotary Disc Valve

Subsea Rotary Disc, BEL Valves

BEL Valves’ Rotary Disc Valve is offered as a small bore solution to facilitate chemical injection and/or hydraulic supply, when desired, on production manifolds. The design premise is based upon simplicity and robustness for assurance of successful operation even when installations extend to the most hostile of environments.

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Pressure rating Up to 16,500 psi
Water depth To 4,500 m
Bore sizes To suit ½”, ¾” and 1” tubing connections
Material options Super duplex and super alloys
Actuation Manual, ROV, hydraulic
Typical standards API 6A and ISO 10423, API 6D SS and ISO 14723, API 17D and ISO 13628-4


  • Manifold and tree mounted
  • Various end connection options


  • Compact design
  • Quarter turn
  • Forged body
  • Metal-to-metal seated
  • On-off
  • Tungsten carbide hard facing


Download Subsea Rotary Disc Valve datasheet datasheet.

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