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Surface Gate Valves
Through Conduit Surface Gate Valves are one of the original valve designs and are ideally suited for on/off topside and onshore applications. Due to the diversity of body and trim material available, surface gate valves are appropriate for use in the widest variety of applications; corrosive service conditions; maturing fields; high operating temperatures; high pressures; zero leakage requirements and standardised solutions.

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Why through conduit gate valves, the operational benefits. Through conduit slab gates and through conduit expanding gate valves provide their own unique benefits. However, in common, they both have high gate to seat sealing forces, due to their large sealing area, making them a good choice for zero emission applications. The superior sealing forces also mean that gate valves are perfectly suited to high pressure applications, even in combination with high temperatures. Operation is either by hand wheel and gearbox, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. The hydraulic fast closing mechanism also makes the gate valve ideal for quick acting safety applications like HIPPS. As with their subsea equivalent, the surface gate valve is has either a rotary stem or a rising stem. Although this choice tends to be customer and application specific, the benefits of each are as follows: rotary stem (inside screw) are a lower cost, lighter and more compact design; rising stem (outside screw) means the operating thread is not exposed to process fluid creating a greater choice of material.

Gas skid surface gate valves benefits

Benefits of BEL Valves Through Conduit Gate Valve design. Our gate valve design is inherently fail safe making it ideally suited for critical on/off service applications. Delivering a full range from ½” to 56” bore sizes the BEL Valves’ surface gate valve provides reliable sealing for high pressure and high temperature applications; as well as tried and tested surface applications for lower pressures (we have in service gate valves still working for our customers that were installed in the 1980s). With pressure ratings ranging from ANSI class 150 up to 16,500 psi and temperature ratings up to 190 deg C we offer standardised solutions and bespoke designs for some of the harshest of operating environments; reliable, safe designs being the common thread. Our simple one piece slab gate valve, which is hard faced with tungsten carbide, delivers superior metal to metal sealing and is available in standard and exotic materials, dependent on the application. The split or expanding gate valve is a two piece construction and can be expanded in the closed and/or open positions. Our expanding gate valves deliver gas tight, zero leakage sealing simultaneously on both the up and downstream seats, independent of line pressure in the open position. The significant benefit is a double block solution with additional vents to provide a bleed – all within a single valve body.


Standard and Optional Features.

  • Slab, single and double expanding
  • Full or reduced bore
  • Flanged, butt weld, compact flange or other proprietary end connections
  • Double block and bleed
  • Single-Piston-Effect
  • Double-Piston-Effect (Bi-directional Seating System)
  • Fire safe design
  • Metal to metal or soft seated designs
  • Duplex trim
  • CRA overlays
  • Project specific bores
  • Manual hand wheel or gearbox, hydraulic spring return or pneumatic actuation
  • Gas tight, Tungsten Carbide coated, metal to metal sealing
Materials, specification and approvals. Choosing the materials to be used in gate valve design for surface applications must balance the process medium properties, the duty of service and of course the commercial needs. New materials are now able to handle more than just the corrosive challenges of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and chlorides, with maturing fields these materials are also performing well in highly abrasive, sandy service. The tungsten carbide coated metal to metal sealing is meeting these ever more challenging service conditions. Part or fully clad options are available with weld overlay providing full corrosion protection to the internal areas of the valve. Both split and slab gate designs are in accordance with the relevant industry codes and standards including ISO 10423, ISO 14313, API 6D, API 6A and ISO 10497.

Typical Applications.

  • Severe service
  • Abrasive flow
  • High & low temperatures
  • High & low pressures
  • Corrosive environments
  • Oil or Gas
  • Gas/water injection
  • Process Isolation
  • Production Manifolds
  • High integrity Pipeline Protection systems (HIPPS)
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Double isolation and bleed
  • Pig launcher/receiver

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