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Ten reasons why BEL Valves is a great place to work

At BEL Valves, we value our employees and are committed to ensuring our people feel supported in their work environment to enable them to grow both personally and professionally.

From opportunities for advancement and skill development, to a strong emphasis on work-life balance and wellbeing, we strive to create and maintain an environment that ensures our people have a great day at work! Find out more about why BEL Valves is a great place to work…

1. Promoting Team Bonding

BEL Valves Sports and Social Committee work to promote team bonding. The committee, made up of employees across various departments, organises sports and social events throughout the year.

We recognise the importance of creating a positive and enjoyable work culture. Our people regularly socialise outside of work at funded events including, sports tournaments, charity fundraisers and team bonding activities. The committee have arranged trips to Ghetto Golf, Lane 7 and Arcade Warehouse, bringing the team together for some fun and competition!

2. Building a Strong Foundation using our Company Values



Our company values define us as employees and shape a framework for how we act and collectively operate. Our BEL Valves values are:

• We work together
• We are always improving
• We do the right thing
• We are honest

These values define our culture, guide our behaviour, provide clarity and purpose and set expectations and standards for all our employees.

3. Introducing a Better Work-Life Balance

We want our people to have a good work-life balance. That’s why we introduced the ‘nine-day fortnight’. Working the equivalent of ten days over nine provides our people with more flexibility and a day off every other Friday.

The shift pattern gives our employees an extended weekend to spend with family and friends, pursue personal interests, or simply relax.

4. Boosting Morale

Street Food Van








Every month we invite a local street food van to the site to treat our employees to a variety of delicious lunch options. BEL Valves has been visited by the likes of Piggy Blinders, Acropolis and North Shore Coffee!

While supporting local businesses, these events have created a positive workplace culture and community by bringing people together at lunchtime.

5. City Centre Perks

BEL Valves is located along the River Tyne, just outside of the greatest city in the world, Newcastle upon Tyne!

Being located near to the heart of the city not only means links to public transportation, but access to a range of cafes, restaurants and shops to grab a quick bite during lunch or after work.

6. Part of the British Engines Group

BEL Valves is one of eight companies within the British Engines Group. This provides employees with opportunities for career growth, access to a wider network of colleagues and resources, competitive salaries and health and wellbeing benefits. BEL Valves employees can enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career with ample opportunities for growth and success throughout the group.

7. Prioritising our People

Our employees and their families have access to free, confidential wellbeing services through our employee assistance app. Our people receive 24/7 GP appointments, mental health resources, fitness programmes and financial advice.

Need more holiday? Employees can buy or sell a portion of their holiday entitlement each year, providing more flexibility and control over their annual leave.

Other benefits include an enhanced company pension and an electric and hybrid vehicle car scheme, as well as being encouraged to undertake further training and development to progress within the company.

8. Supporting our Community

Community Fund








BEL Valves supports local sports and community groups by sponsoring several teams across the North East region. Our employees can nominate a youth or adult team to receive financial support, sports equipment or training kit to help them develop their skills and compete at a higher level.

This initiative benefits several local clubs and strengthens the company’s relationships with local communities.

9. Helping Those in Need

Supporting charitable causes not only makes a difference to the lives of those in need, but also creates a shared sense of purpose and achievement amongst our employees. Events and activities are regularly organised to raise funds for local charities.

A team from BEL Valves completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and raised a total of £1,686 for Marie Curie. Another team completed the Allendale Challenge raising money for North of Tyne Mountain Rescue.

As part of the British Engines Group, every year our employees take part in Christmas Jumper Day to donate money and food to a local food bank. 2022 was a huge success with 565kg of food and over £10,000 donated by employees and the group.

10. Creating a Safe Workplace

BEL Valves works hard to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors. Regular training is carried out as well as inspections and audits ensuring all equipment, machinery and workspaces are properly maintained.

A Key Risk Card Reporting Scheme was launched to encourage employees to report safety concerns or near-misses. The HSE Committee selects the best report each month and the winning employee receives an Amazon voucher.

If you would like to join the BEL Valves team, go to the British Engines Group website to search for all current vacancies.