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BEL Valves completes critical choke bridge module project

BEL Valves has completed a critical project alongside a leading energy technology company, to repair a number of valves for a set of choke bridge modules located offshore in Norway.

Two 2, 1/16” and two 3/4” valves underwent a full overhaul in Stavanger, Norway, as well as an upgrade to the open compensator which was reconfigured to a closed compensator to solidify the manifold.

Bespoke tooling was manufactured and supplied to the project showcasing the BEL Valves team’s extensive expertise and knowledge in valve repair and maintenance.

Following the upgrade and repair, the modules were pressure tested to ensure the manifolds were capable of working efficiently offshore with no integrity or leaking issues.



Anthony Hay, Lead Service Technician at BEL Valves, said: “This was a great job for the team at BEL Valves to be a part of. We are pleased that our Valve Technicians could assist on-site for the rebuild and testing, following our work on the modules.”

A total of eight valves have now been refurbished across the last three years with more modules expected in the coming years.

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