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Celebrating our Employees at the British Engines Group Awards

Congratulations to our employees who were honoured at the British Engines Group Annual Awards 2023, acknowledging their commitment and dedication to their hard work at the company.

The awards acknowledge the accomplishments of the group’s apprentices, alongside long-serving employees who have been a part of the British Engines Group for 25, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years.

Congratulations to David Cobb for 35 years’ service and Suman Slee for 45 years’ service. Amazingly, Suman’s son has joined the British Engines Group on the exact same date as Suman did 45 years earlier!

Suman at the 2023 awards night


The evening highlighted the achievements of Matthew Craig, recipient of the 1st Year Apprentice Award for his exceptional helpfulness, willingness to tackle any task and innovative thinking. His proactive approach is evident in high-profile projects, where he actively contributes throughout the project. Matthew’s commitment to quality and meeting customer expectations is commendable.

Recognition also goes to Luke Thompson, winner of the 2nd Year Apprentice Award. Luke fearlessly champions health and safety processes and procedures, successfully leading the risk assessment process at BEL Valves. His focus on creating high-standard risk assessments and developing new COSHH assessment processes showcases his dedication to continual improvement. Luke’ positive ‘can-do’ attitude makes him an asset to BEL Valves.

Matthew receiving his award Luke receiving his award

Commendations were also extended to all British Engines Group apprentices for their outstanding commitment and versatility as they progress through their apprenticeship.

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