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Apprenticeship training cell at BEL Valves is redeveloped

British Engines has relocated its dedicated apprenticeship training facilities to the newly developed apprenticeship training cell at BEL Valves.

Machinery and tools have been relocated from the existing training area at the Michell Bearings and Rotary Power factory in South Shields, to provide a complete manufacturing cell for those studying the British Engines Apprenticeship + Scheme at the BEL Valves factory in Newcastle.

The area consists of two CNC machines, eight manual machines, a pillar drill, grinder, multiple welding and gas bays, as well as fully operational gantry cranes and various other tool stations.

The dedicated training cell will provide extra support to the development of our group apprentices and will offer a place for them to practice what they are learning at college, as well as the additional skills that the British Engines Apprenticeship + Scheme teaches them.

This recent investment demonstrates the British Engines Group’s commitment, as a global business, to providing world-class training and education to the local community, and the vision to continue to contribute to the North East’s deep-seated engineering heritage.

Rhys Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at BEL Valves said: “The first apprentices have started working in the newly developed training cell and it’s great to see them working in the same place that the British Engines Group began almost 100 years ago.

“This is especially fitting at a time when there’s a focus on addressing the industry’s skills shortage. As a group, we are focusing on nurturing and developing local engineering talent; using the best resources available, to fulfil our collective responsibility of engineering the future.”

Applications for the British Engines Apprenticeship Scheme 2018 have now closed, but please follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with news, information and reminders about applying for the British Engines Apprenticeship scheme, which will open again in early January 2019.