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Training and Development

Continued upskilling of your most valuable resource is crucial, particularly in times of great change. Through the sharing of best practice, our aim is to transfer our knowledge of valves to guarantee safe and reliable operations throughout the product’s lifecycle. Through our well established training program we take customers and our own new engineers through aspects of valve design, specification, materials selection, manufacturing, assembly, testing, installation, service, maintenance and repair. With a broad understanding of each process, our customers’ teams and our own talent are better advised to source efficient valve solutions to match product requirements.

customer training

Learning and development programmes create a platform to develop closer working relationships between the engineering disciplines. We encourage collaboration and the sharing of best practice across the industry. Through a mutual understanding of critical supplier and customer design requirements, we develop more productive processes to help support the improvements in operational efficiency.

When looking at operational performance de-risking of projects can be achieved through a thorough understanding of handling, installation, commissioning, operation, and best practice maintenance of valves. To ensure that the very best advice is provided we deliver training to our customers at site covering the range of knowledge needed to ensure valve performance is optimised. Our on-site training is customer specific, offering hands-on training for your project needs and can cover all aspects of:

Regional Development Program

Local Training and Development Programmes

We believe delivering local content is about more than just setting up shop in country, and that’s why we’ve put training at the heart of our strategy. Through the BEL Valves’ regional development programme we train a local workforce to deliver the highest standards of service at our local facilities. By developing the skills and knowledge of the local workforce, our customers can liaise directly with our employees in country who fully understand the local environment and the local challenges of our customers.


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