British Engines

Our Background

Founded in 1922 by our current Chairman’s grandfather, the British Engines group has been delivering quality engineering services for almost 100 years

old factory layout

The business was established initially to provide subcontract engineering services for the marine and shipping industries, setting up shop on the same site we still operate on today next to the River Tyne.  We now also have a manufacturing facility in Milan. In the present day, British Engines has transformed into a complementary group of eight engineering companies, operating from sites across the world, utilising the network to create synergies in supply chain, procurement and engineering knowhow.


BEL Valves established itself as a serious player in 1964 when we began designing and manufacturing valves under licence for the petrochemical industry. During the development of the North Sea assets in the 1970’s, we quickly established ourselves as a key supplier to the oil and gas industry. Since then we’ve continued to be at the helm of a number of innovative firsts, maintaining our reputation as a critical valve supplier who has helped push the industry standards forward in safety, innovation and reliability.


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