Quotations And Supply Chain Management

We understand that each development is different and that flexibility is often needed to achieve the core requirements of each project. Our sales and quotations team will engage with you from the beginning to assess the key definitive factors of the project. Then in conjunction with our supply chain and project teams we can provide options that match your requirements and ensure that targets can be met.

Understanding that this process isn’t a static one, the lines of communication remain open as the project requirements are defined and adapted.

Supply chain

We believe in practicing what we preach, and that’s why we value the long standing relationships with our suppliers as much as we do as we do our customers. Our philosophy is built around collaboration and building a network of key suppliers who meet the stringent demands of both us and our customers. To maintain effective communication and further develop our supplier relationships, we meet with each of our key suppliers regularly to discuss our ongoing requirements and ensure that the suppliers’ performance can continue to match what we demand for our next developments.

Quotations and supply chain management

To review the position of our suppliers, each of them are continually assessed using our comprehensive Vendor Rating System which measures a supplier’s performance over a range of criteria including HSE, Quality, Commercial, Delivery and Service. Measured annually through our business audits, each supplier can demonstrate how their experience, continuous improvement activities and process management is helping to maintain an exceptional level of quality and move developments forward to match new project requirements. Following the annual audit and review each supplier is given targets for improvement activities which we feel would better support their performance. The Vendor Rating System and all supplier related quality assurance is managed by a dedicated team in the supply chain department to ensure levels of quality are maintained and all improvement activities are ongoing.


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