How We Support You

How We Support You
From concept through to end of life, our team has the skills and knowledge to support you at every stage. Working with stakeholders across the board, we understand throughout a project we will need to touch base with a number of teams, providing a range of support and solutions to meet the overall project needs.
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At concept and pre-FEED stage the details of a project are still developing so it becomes about finding feasible solutions for the overall project. In this phase our engineers are best placed to provide value to you; offering advice and guidance for the most fit for purpose solutions. It may be that the project involves a number of stages so will require qualification for standardised products, or it may be that the project needs to progress quickly and therefore you demand solutions to reduce time implications. Whatever your project demands, we can help work closely with you to come up with the right options.

Detailed Design

During the detailed design phase, you are likely to be much clearer on the overall field design. Engaging with our team at this stage can provide you with options to optimise the design, and increase the project’s efficiency. As a long lead item it can be important to get a jump start on this project, particularly where qualification and development work is needed. If details are worked through in the early stages then the project can progress more quickly and smoothly, keeping to your schedule.

Project Evaluation and Selection

Throughout this phase your engagement will be with our sales and quotations team who will address your requirements. At this stage we encourage our customers to tell us exactly what they demand from the project so that we can work on meeting those requirements. By developing open lines of communication, our customers can be vocal about their demands, addressing project needs more quickly, and leading to a smoother transition through design and manufacture.

Design and Manufacture

During design and manufacture our approach ensures that total integrity of design is maintained through the use of 3D modelling, finite element analysis and motion analysis. Dealing with project, design and production experts in their field throughout the life of a project ensures the optimum solution.  Our project teams take full control over your project, maintaining as your point of contact throughout.

Installation and Commissioning

Once our valves have been manufactured, tested and delivered to site; our service and aftermarket team can support you here on in. During installation and commissioning our service team can visit your site to support with all associated activities, giving you advice and guidance on best practice techniques. Many customers prefer to utilise our team for the whole process, using their experience and skills to ensure that valves are installed safely and correctly.

In-field Service

Once all installation activities are complete our service and aftermarket team will continue to provide support for all your requirements. This can be for providing refurbishment, maintenance and repair activities, or looking at requirements for repeats and spare valves. Our team is on hand 24/7, and for emergency situations we will aim to make it to your site within 4 hours by utilising one of our global service support centres.