Kaombo subsea rotary disc

Rotary Disc Valves

There is more to control than just process fluids in the subsea system. Rotary disc valves are readily used for both chemical injection and for hydraulic distribution. Chemicals are used in many critical applications to remove blockages, reduce corrosion, improve crude oil quality and of course for flow assurance.

Kaombo actuated subsea rotary disc benefits

Why rotary disc valves, the operational benefits. In the main, the systems used for chemical injection and hydraulic distribution tend not to have significant fluctuations in pressure. What you do need, however, is a valve that can reliably perform in dirty fluid conditions. The subsea rotary disc (or sometimes referred to as rotary gate) valve is ideal for simple and reliable operation in these conditions delivering either isolation or diverter solutions.

Subsea rotary disc rotary discs why

Benefits of BEL Valves Rotary Disc Valves. Simplicity of design is key with the rotary disc valve design. Metal to metal sealing across disc and seat delivers ease of operation, reliability and robust performance even in the dirtiest of applications. The design is reliable down to 4,500m water depth and up to pressures of 16,500 psi. Depending on application the rotary disc can be operated hydraulically with spring return for fail safe application and manual override or via ROV. Both options are compact in design and ideal for use where space is restricted.

Kaombo rotary disc features

Standard and Optional Features.

  • Single valve, two valves in a block or manifold mounted
  • Flanged, welded or thread end connections
  • Tungsten carbide coated
  • Duplex trim
  • Project specific bores up to 1″
  • Gas tight, Tungsten Carbide coated, metal to metal sealing

Materials, specification and approvals. All of our rotary disc valve designs are in accordance with the relevant industry codes and standards including ISO 13628, ISO 14723, API 6DSS, API 17D and API 6AVI.

Rendered image subsea rotary disc applications

Typical Applications.

  • Control fluids
  • Injection chemicals
  • Zero leakage requirements
  • High Temperature
  • Abrasive service
  • High Pressure
  • Corrosive enviroments
  • Process Isolation

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