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Offering the full scope of on/off valves; our products and services support upstream, midstream and petrochemical applications. We pride ourselves on the individual support we give to our customers, understanding their needs and challenges through the development of long term professional relationships.

In the oil and gas markets, valves are generally required for upstream activities to support in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Reliability of the design and materials choice is crucial, particularly when dealing with high pressures, subsea conditions, and other onerous operating conditions. In these environments there can be increasing risks which need to be managed in order to maintain high levels of safety. Therefore a trusted supplier is needed who will deliver to the exacting standards specified.

However the similarities in design for midstream applications are significant with valves playing a role in the processing, storage and transportation of hydrocarbons. As a supplier who started out in the petrochemical sector; joining the oil and gas industry as it developed in the UK in the 1970’s, we have also continued to support the sector with many of our customers trusting us with valve applications for their petrochemical, oil and gas projects.

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