We’ve been making valves for more than 50 years with over 50,000 valves installed across the globe. At the forefront of technology from the very beginning, BEL Valves has a reputation for pushing the boundaries and moving the industry standard forward. Primarily operating in the oil and gas industry, we’ve supported some of the world’s largest and most complex developments.


We began life as a surface gate valve solutions provider for the petrochemical industry, before entering into oil and gas markets, venturing subsea to support the hive of activity in the North Sea. Since then we’ve exported to over 37 countries around the world, delivering enabling technologies to secure safe and reliable operations to onerous projects. Supplying a number of design firsts such as the eccentric ball valve for sandy conditions, subsea HIPPS solutions, high pressure and ultra-deep water critical valve solutions, we take a customer centric approach to providing solutions to meet market demands. That’s how we’ve cemented our position as one of the world’s leading valve suppliers, providing fit for purpose subsea and surface solutions to the market leading operators and contractors.


With the criticality demanded from this type of equipment, we’ve been building trusted relationships with our customers and suppliers to create an open and honest process that delivers in field reliability each time. By opening the lines of communication, all stakeholders can discuss ideas to fully address the requirements of the project, sharing any areas of concern from the very beginning which ultimately limits the need for downtime when equipment is installed. That’s why over 87% of our customers have been working with us for more than 10 years. This partnership approach has helped us to explore alternative design routes by creating new technologies, opening new opportunities, and developing local facilities in a number of export markets.


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