Shah Deniz HIPPS

High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems

HIPPS solutions overcome the issue of fully rating high pressure systems. Often these will require thick-walled pipelines and vessels that can be expensive to procure and difficult to install. We understand the issues faced when dealing with high pressures. Safety, environmental and economic considerations all come into play determining the viability of these marginal developments. The application of a HIPPS solution can turn marginal discoveries into economic developments by allowing the use of existing low pressure infrastructure or limiting the extent of high pressure piping.

Aribiyah and Hasbah surface hipps valves why

Why HIPPS valves, the operational benefits. The global search for new surface and subsea oil and gas reserves means that operators have to deal, increasingly, with high temperature, high pressure (HPHT) scenarios. The HIPPS installation is a Safety Instrumented System of Control (SIS) which senses upset conditions and quickly isolates the source of high pressure protecting the downstream system from pressure excursions and therefore allowing for existing flowlines to be used or new to be de-rated to conventional levels. HIPPS is, therefore, an enabling technology that impacts the logistics, economics, safety and the environment, all of which contribute to the overall project viability by enhancing the flexibility and architecture. The application is considered to be the ideal solution for asset protection and enhanced safety where pressure relief devices are impractical.

Kashagan HIPPS benefits

Benefits of BEL Valves HIPPS design. HIPPS is a system which protects against over pressure scenarios and the loss of containment simultaneously and so the whole system must achieve stringent Safety Integrity Levels (SILs). Quick closing, high integrity valves and actuators are therefore vital for HIPPS applications. With over 20 years in designing and delivering HIPPS solutions we are a trusted provider of this enabling technology that contributes towards bringing viability to high pressure, often marginal developments. The decision to include HIPPS depends on multiple assessments to mitigate risk, not least of which is to find a reputable provider who can advise of a full system solution. By utilising our expertise in valve and actuator design, combined with advice on meeting stringent SIL requirements we deliver the optimum solution to meet each of our customers’ unique installations.

Shah Deniz HIPPS features

Standard and Optional Features.

  • Surface or Subsea
  • Gate or ball valve design
  • Quick acting hydraulic spring return actuation
  • Pneumatic spring return option
  • Project specific bores
  • Control system integration

Materials, specification and approvals. Both valve body and trim are provided in the most suitable materials for the application and unique service conditions. Multiple, industry accepted, materials are available including carbon and low allow steels, stainless steels, low temperature carbon steel, duplex, super duplex and Inconel. With materials expertise in house we conduct continuous materials improvements to expand our materials range in order to offer the very latest solutions for oil and gas applications.

The primary metal-seated option is tungsten carbide coated to meet specific service conditions. Fully or part clad options are available with non-corrodible weld overlay providing protection to the internal areas of the valve. Valve design is in accordance with the relevant industry codes and standards including API 6DSS, API 17D, API6AV1, ISO 13628, and ISO 14723, API 6D, API 6A, API 6FA, IEC 61508, IEC 61511 ISO 10497, ISO 10423, ISO 14313

Alder hipps operational benefits

Typical Applications.

  • Reduced Cost
  • Allows high pressure to be managed
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced system weight
  • High reliability
  • Lower design pressure for downstream
  • High availability

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